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Cutting Edge Pool Design

Treat yourself with the pool of your dream by the best Pool Builder in Las Vegas

Fiberglass pools are a great option for people who just
want a simple pool that’s very cost effective.

Pools not only provide a lot of enjoyment, but also give texture and variation to your yard. The Hawaiian Pools and Waterscapes team in Las Vegas can give you a range of options in construction when it comes to swimming pools to meet different tastes and styles.


Fiberglass composite pools and spas are a great option for people who want something that can offer great value. These swimming pools are easy to install, plus are also very cost-effective. They save owners on utilities, repairs, upkeep, and even on chemical expenditures. You don’t have to replaster or acid wash these pools, plus you can choose this construction material for swimming pools from a wide range of styles and sizes.


For people who want something specific and want a particular type of design or form, then gunite pools and spas are a good option. This construction material is very versatile and you can create many different designs of swimming pool with gunite, like infinity landscapes, beach entry pools, realistic stone features and many more. A gunite pool can sometimes cost more than fiberglass pools, but you can achieve certain looks which few other materials can offer.


The Hawaiian Pools and Waterscapes in Las Vegas can provide you with ultra-luxury pools and spas. Our talented team can come up with unique pool designs that can really wow your guests. Whether you want to install slides, grottos, real stone waterfalls, or a vanishing edge, we can do it. Aside from this, we can also completely design your patio area. We can create the custom outdoor kitchen of your dreams, a fire pit, or even a barbecue. We will make you a lush oasis where you can relax and escape into your own paradise.

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